Hi, I am Jenny!
Fresh out of college with a degree in Design, I started working for one of the major Italian Web Agencies as Art Director. I’ve always had a passion for sewing, and in 2008 I decided to undergo a deep dive course. From there, on and off, I started creating some clothes and a few stuffed animals just for fun. That same year I had my first child and a couple of years later my second, which triggered a need in me to create plushes with simple shapes and organic materials, a combination I was unable to find in the market.

By 2014, I was producing a substantial number of stuffed animals that I was giving away as gifts. It is with my move to Boston that OgopogoLand was born, and I decided to fully dedicate myself to it.

Right now, OgopogoLand is producing mainly stuffed animals, but also accessories: neck warmers, eye pillows and animal heating pads.

OgopogoLand’s main focus is on making organic stuffed animals and accessories, with a knack for geometric and minimal shapes. 

A lot of attention goes into the materials. Every piece is unique and a lot of time is put in searching for the appropriate combination of fabrics and colors. The materials I use are organic cotton, including the stuffing and wool felt.

All pattern are originals and designed by me. 

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