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To put Italo-American children in contact with the Italian language through workshop where kids can use their creativity to express themselves thus becoming the key players of the creative process they will develop following few guidelines that we will provide before every workshop.


We have realized how difficult is for Italo-American kids to keep alive their italian language because born or raised in a foreign country. We think that Italian is such a rich and beautiful language and it would be a pity to forget it or not to learn it. We are aware that living in an English speaking country doesn’t help those kids to use their ‘native’ language while they are playing. That’s why we want to find a place where they can play while practicing their Italian.


Do you want to organize a special birthday party? Do you want to spend a “creative” afternoon with your kids and their friends? Do you want to introduce your students to some Italian traditions and have fun?

Through different materials (felt, paper, cardboard, pencils, glue, thread, scissors) and different techniques (sewing, drawings, collage, painting) we offer workshops custom tailored in order to meet different needs. Tell us about your idea and we will develop it.

Interested in booking a workshop with us?

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